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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dancing in Peckham (1994) by Gillian Wearing

It is inspired by a woman dancing madly by herself at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

In the 25-minutes video, Gillian Wearing re-creates the scene in the middle of a south-London shopping centre. She danced with the music in her head. She would like to test the public responses by doing the private action.

I copied this artwork for a show: Man made - a project about masculinity and art in Hong Kong in 2004 which was a research work finding the difference between male and female artworks.

I danced in the street and in the display window of the gallery.

I only danced in the street for 5 minutes as I found it’s really weird and felt like a crazy man! Yet I danced for more than an hour in the display window because of the protection under the gallery in which I am an artist rather than a crazy guy!

Anyway, good luck with the experiment!

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