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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Compassionate bus shelter

The deprived and homeless people are urban common problems. However, generally people would discard them and just consider them as an ugly part of the city rather than make a contribution. Most rarely you would find any design of public facilities which comprise them as a part of the users.

On the contrary, these Bus Shelters House–the third project by architect Sean Godsell–are designed for the homeless. The previous designs are the Future Shack, housing module made from a shipping container; and Park Bench House, the park bench that could alter as a shelter when needed.

As homeless-concerned facilities, these shelters are provided with built in mattresses and hoardings that customized for storing blankets, food and water. In addition, these shelters also operate as an art gallery for struggling local artists.

By identifying themselves with the community’s issues and cultures, these shelters really blend with the community. Deep analyses about the issues which take place in the community are definitely required to produce a straightforward and worthy result.

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