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... An exploration of participation, art and architecture in the city to inform a concept for engagement with the local community via artistic intervention... offering to our client a point of departure for the continuation of these ideas in their future work.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bus Stop Ideas 08/10/08

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Anonymous said...

hello... If you do some work in sharrow (i understand that you may apply for 'shine on sharrow') we would like to extend the offer to you of exhibiting some of your work at a shop unit on london road later this year, which is to be dedicated to the built environment in the sharrow area... (i know that there is also the worstenholme road shop too so you may be preparing for this also?)

we have chosen to also have a shop on london road is an important area for sharrow as it is the place where all of the communities meet... and should be very busy with passing trade et times....

there will be a number of workshops about space/ the built environment going on from the shop with local people and it would be a good chance to bring together all of the live project work that has been going on into one space. Hopefully workers and local people can begin to see if there are any conections between the projects and how this can be taken forward by them(perhaps by applying for funding etc)... you can contact me on julia@sharrowcf.org.uk if this is something which you might like to be involved in. we wouldn't expect you to do more work/ special work for the space, but rather exhibit elements of what you are already doing...

best wishes and good luck with it all... julia