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... An exploration of participation, art and architecture in the city to inform a concept for engagement with the local community via artistic intervention... offering to our client a point of departure for the continuation of these ideas in their future work.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Here I am livving in Sharrow

where the streets are too narrow,

I travel around in a wheel barrow

eating a marrowhere in Sharrow.

Not nice if you have a Car

'Cos its near Hunters Bar

Parking is few and far

Here in SharrowIts not Harrow

Some say Sharrow's a dump

That gives me the hump

'Cos when I'm in hurry

I go there for a curry.

In Sharrow makes me hurry.

There's a lump

That just may be a dump

Srry to hear of your ordeal,

For your pain I really do feel,

The tikka can be hot,

Really makes you trot,

Next time I suggest a pub meal

A poem about Sharrow - from the 'community'

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