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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Minutes of Meeting 20-10-08

10.45am in studio

Present: Av/Hayley/Jonny/Kris/Hoi Sun/Julie/Tilly/Jen/Pol/Tori/Helen.

1. Meeting Trish on Wed 22-10?
Trish was contacted (17/10/08) regarding meeting up on Wednesday. Currently she hasn’t responded with answer. It is decided that unless Trish gets in contact we will carry on with the week as planned.

2. Action plan for beginning of week.
It is decided that the most important thing that needs to be achieved this week is to create physical representations of our bus shelter ideas to date. It is agreed that this does not mean that we spend a lot of time creating structures but instead use easy available materials to create environments and situations which we want to study further. (Re-appropriating everyday structures.) The three groups will stay as they stand and will each go out and create installations and record the results in as many different mediums as possible. Each group is given a bus route to look at further.

Green Mallards – Bus route 22
Orange Chickens – Bus routes 97/98
Red Murderous Robins – Bus route 3

3. Postcards
Photographs will be taken of each installation and turned into 110 x 150 postcards which can then be left at the bus stop as a trace/memory. The idea of leaving them on buses is also discussed. Some of these postcards can just be keepsakes and others will be SAE’s with questions pertaining to our project. Julie will email Julia Udall to ask whether it would be possible to use the Sharrow Community Forum as the return address.

4. Image
It is agreed that all our postcards/future communication should include the #02Arch logo somewhere in an attempt to start to create a recognisable brand for any future event. Groups to work out amongst themselves how best to include it in their installations (or whether it is necessary.) Remember, any paint or adhesive must be water-soluble!

5. Bracelets
At meeting 15-10 it was decided that we should create bracelets with our #02Arch logo on them as something, in addition to the postcards, that we give out to locals as thanks for their participation. Helen and Hayley agree to look into this further. Possibility of buying cheap plain bands from the moor market and spraying them?

6. Carolyn meeting 21-10
It is agreed that Julie will email Carolyn asking to meet up with her on London road rather than in the arts tower so as best to take advantage of the whole day in Sharrow.

7. Recording the movements of the different groups.
It is agreed that an A0 map of Sharrow/Sheffield will be printed out and on it we will each map (in our agreed colours) the three bus routes we are looking at and the position of bus stops along the way. Jonny will print this map out and tack it up in the studio.

Another A0 sheet will be used to map in a looser fashion where our installation/events take place and what they consist of. Tilly will set this in motion and we will all add to it along the way.

8. Wednesday meeting 22-10-08
It is agreed to meet up on Wednesday at 5pm in the studio to go through all the research that has been collected and discuss what worked well and what didn’t.

9. Friday meeting 24-10-08.
It is agreed that this meeting must be planned by us down to the last detail, however this is not going to be possible until we have reviewed research on Wednesday. From this it will be decided which paths we will experiment with further, designing and creating a number of installations which the professional dancers will interact with on Friday.

10. Salsa
It is agreed to meet at the Forum at 7.15pm on the 21-10 for a group salsa session. It is mentioned that some people are going to the Wigglesworth lecture beforehand but will attempt to get down to Division St as quickly as possible.

Agenda for Wed 22-10

1. Comments on 21-10 Salsa lesson.
2. Mallards to run through their research.
3. Chickens to run through their research.
4. M. Robins to run through their research.
5. Discussion on the running of Friday’s meeting.
6. Agreement on actions to be taken before Friday.

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