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... An exploration of participation, art and architecture in the city to inform a concept for engagement with the local community via artistic intervention... offering to our client a point of departure for the continuation of these ideas in their future work.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This guerrilla installation involved the tedious task of sticking copious amounts of post-it notes to a busy bus shelter in Sharrow. The aim was to provide a physical forum for the community to display their memories of the place, their stories and their messages. The community engagement was very sucessful providing our team with many rich stories, jokes and downright hilarious colloquialisms. The passers by seemed drawn to this once mundane bus shelter and were not afraid to voice their opinions graphically. As a composition, the shadows became the focal point, magnetising people into the space. Although the nice men at the 'transport office' thought otherwise and within 2 days this beautiful piece had vanished. Of course if we knew who carried out this act of vandalism we would be very co-operative...quack quack


julia said...

this looks great- any chance you might post a close up of some of the post it notes etc for people to share?

Arch said...

Yes sure - we'll hopefully get some more up soon.