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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Minutes 28.10.08

28.10.08 – Group Meeting Minutes

10:15am in Studio
Present: Jen/ Tori/ Julie/ Carolyn
Apologies from engagement + construction teams – out and about engaging and constructing.
Apologies from Kris – options module clash mon-wed this week and next.

Overview - Brief meeting to update Carolyn following Monday’s group meeting – group ran through ground covered and main outcomes and conclusions. Explained idea of a Friday/Monday/Friday ‘layering’ of performances, in order to build upon existing information, research and material. Carolyn agreed that this was a positive and logical approach, and the event would be an opportunity to showcase ideas and films to date, in a way that will not be possible at the final assessment.

Julie explained the three current subgroups to Carolyn (see minutes 27.10.08) – roles of each, and relationship between three.

Carolyn suggested contacting BBC Radio Sheffield for publicity; Sheffield Live was also mentioned. Importance of publicising next Monday’s event as quickly and widely as possible.

Public exhibition on monday - Persistence Works is looking likely for the final event – just waiting for final confirmation. Events team have viewed a couple of possible venues, and although this is the most expensive option, it is by far the most attractive. Suggested that team members contribute £10 or similar, then rest to be made up from budget (Trish agrees).

Timing of event – 7-9pm was planned – CB highlighted that this gives people the chance to leave work (and not come back into town). 6-8pm now proposed + agreed by group.

Carolyn raised the point that entering Persistence Works can seem uninviting to new visitors – maybe we address this by taking over the foyer etc? – to be discussed further by events + PW. Home make cake and tea looking likely (licensing problems with alcohol..?) – this could go in the foyer. Need to think about glasses + crockery. Cater for 100ish?

Events team to push getting out publicity asap, as soon as venue is confirmed.

Whole school event - Ran through idea for workshop based on Arch work and the Arts Tower – investigating memories of the tower and movement through the building using the paternoster as a tool. Carolyn agreed that the idea of installations in the lift and the bus stops are synonymous and that it would be an appropriate idea for the group to pursue. Provisionally next Thursday – group to discuss after the exhibition. Agreed that this should not be integrated with the final presentation.

(+ Pol/ Tilly/ Jonny)

Friday’s meeting – structures + engagement teams to provide rationalised information in order to produce a more choreographed piece w/dancers in collaboration with Simon (?). Schedule to be produced by events team based on info from s + e teams.
Structures – time constraints in building everything we want to build. Realistically will have to give a ‘flavour’ of the final scheme. Carolyn felt that the structures proposed were too ‘rigid’ and finished – if we accept we can’t build within the time period then we should be designing something which really pushes the boundaries.
Final design strategy – highlighted importance of reclaiming/recycling. Carolyn suggested we contact one of her sites for leftover materials etc – structures to pursue.

To Do
• Structures team to continue building and developing amazing final ideas
• Events team to continue sorting logistics of Monday, and draw up schedule for Friday. Also complete, email, print and distribute posters and invitations
• Engagement team to feed info to other teams to inform development
• Everyone to find as many people as possible to bring on Monday to make it a success!

Other Information - Please keep checking emails – bits of info are feeding in from suppliers + TO’S/SB all the time

Next Meeting – Wednesday 29th October @ 5.30pm (studio) - to run through progress since monday

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