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Thursday, October 9, 2008

8/10 Meeting no. 3

3:30pm in Studio

Present: Tilly/ Jen/ Tori/ Pol/ Kris/ Julie/ Avinash/ Hoi Sun/ Carolyn

Apologies: All six years (Johnny, Hayley and Helen)

Pre ‘Meeting with Carolyn’ Discussion:
Points Mentioned:

Funding is mentioned, applying for funding to larger councils is a in-depth process, at this stage still difficult to know which are appropriate. We should speak to Trish regarding this. Julie mentioned a fund called, ‘Small funds for small groups’ which might be appropriate for us in the short term, could cover expenses, prototypes etc.

Should consider that a week on Friday we meet the dancers, week beginning 13/ 10 seems to be a busy week for 5th years, mon to wed is research methods, thursday is studio introductions. Will have to be organised to be prepared for that, don’t want it to be a missed opportunity, this Fridays meeting with TO and SB should make it more clear what is expected.

Carolyn joins the meeting.

The group summarised the progress we had made since our last meeting with Carolyn on 1/10, an explanation of the route taken to the idea of ‘bus stops’ and the idea of ‘Sharrow as a Stage’. The bus stop images were then laid out for observation.

The following comments were made on the idea and way it can progress forward:

Carolyn began a discussion on the different types of bus stops in Sharrow, thought to be related to the age of it. Seemed to be three main types: Curved Roof (London Rd, Abbeydale Rd) Square (Landowne estate area) and Posts on the pavement (residential streets). Need to consider the relevance of this and the space available around them.

The different interventions could have a fixed typology to bring to Sharrow, being collective but also all being different, bringing in the analogy of the individual and the crowd.

Pragmatically, who owns the bus stops? The bus companies or the council? Is it possible to use them? Health and Safety. Need to find out and gain permission before carrying out interventions. Possibly we produce a strategy which will be implemented post live project, so pragmatics resolved then.

Also should be considered that we design/make our own bus stop. Is it moveable? Does it fold down? Does it morph into something else? Does it have multiple uses?

Need to consider how we might begin to record these observations and reactions to the bus stop.
Could possibly be a collection of ‘bus stop dances’ in the final week. It is suggested that the dance might evolve from the installations placed in the bus stops and the public movement which is generated from this.

Need to consider how the public might react and what sort of reaction we want; do we use a busy or empty bus stop? Who is the audience and where do they stand? Possibly the performance is for people waiting for a bus or people on a bus? Or is it a daily event that people turn up to see.

Previous bus stop interventions. FAT - thatched a roof. In Sheffield – bus stops made into green roofs.

The bus stop is a ‘social condenser’. It is unknown who will be there and who you will meet.

Should consider the way people use and move around a bus stop. How do people get on and off buses? Everybody slightly different, something for us to record which brings another dimension to the research, something the dancers may be able to respond to.

There is no funding from the school for live projects, in terms of funding a prototype Carolyn suggests we salvage, welcome to come to her building site to look for bits and bobs.

A brief discussion about what our overall goal is. Is it thought that there should definitely be a designed element to what we hand over at the end of six week and this should definitely be useable by TO and SB, although it is not expected to be designed down to the last detail. Carolyn suggested that it may well be a live project for next year once funding has been obtained.

Discussion of ‘Uprising/In our rooms’

General consensus that the dance was enjoyed by all, commented on the minimal use of props, just a black stage and a bag of sand and the use of lighting throughout the performance. From the discussion with the chorographer it is interesting to note that the end point of a dance is never known when he begins - more about the development of ideas. The dance should be appreciated individually, rather than imposing a narrative – links back to just being in the moment.

Discussion on this Friday’s meeting in Sharrrow:

After this week of much creativity, we need to rationalise the journey we have taken and how we believe we have worked as a team. In a project that is less clear cut it is good to be reflective. Need to understand what are role and relationship with the client is.

Carolyn confirmed that this Friday we shall lead the meeting, so need to have an agenda and understand what we need to get from the meeting. Someone will need to pitch the idea of bus stops to TO and SB and why the idea excites us.

We will also need to take a revised stakeholder map for discussion.

It is decided that we will mock up a bus stop in the community centre for us to work with and also to take all necessary props.

Carolyn leaves meeting.

Our next steps:

To make a recording of people getting on and off buses to take to the meeting on Friday, also source a projector if possible. Jen and Pol

To analyse bus routes and maps in Sharrow. Tori

To make a cohesive book of ideas revolving around the bus stop to give Trish and Simon on Friday. Tilly

Research into bus stops and who owns them. Julie

Organise the construction of a bus stop for use in Friday’s meeting. Av and Hoi Sun.

Stakeholder Map. Julie

Research into previous bus stop installations. Kris

A postcard of logo design, deadline Monday. ALL

A large scale calendar for studio use. Jen

Other items:

Tilly to write up minutes for this meeting, write agenda and chair on Friday
Pol to be minute taker on Friday
Av to give presentation on his research into the history of Sharrow at Monday’s meeting
Hayley possibly presents ‘The fall of Public Man’ at some point?
Kris and Hoi Sun are still not receiving emails from the group list. Until sorted please add separately to all group emails. Kris: Arp08kdp@sheffield.ac.uk and Hoi Sun: ara08hy@sheffield.ac.uk. (Johnny to sort?)
On Monday it is thought we ought to assign roles. Need for someone or two to be a ‘recorder’, a project book maker – Linked to identity and branding.

Next meeting: Friday 10am at Sharrow

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