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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Drawing Restraint by Matthew Barney

Matthew Barney is an American contemporary artist. His works would seems to be very complicated to understand as he makes use of different elements and symbols which are alient to most outsiders of contemporary art. Yet I find his earlier works could be an inspiration to our project.

Drawing Restraint is a series of 'experiments' for his art creation. In most of these 'experiments' (especially the earlier one), he is testing the relationship of his body and the space. He claims himself as a sculptor and views his body as a sculpture. So I view these 'experiments' as a moving sculpture (his body) inside a space in which he leaves marks (drawing). I think this could be one of the approach of our project.

Check out the website
http://www.drawingrestraint.net/. Click 'PATH' aftering entering the site and select DR1 as a start.

DR7 - 9 is different 'experiments' but you can still take a look. As a remark, DR9 is the video he made with his partner, the singer Björk.

For his most best-known work The Cremaster Cycle, check out

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